Where to buy real dinosaur fossils? The best internet websites and places to buy fossils

We use to call dinosaur fossils to all those remains of these animals and plants that survived d to this day in the form of remains, in a better or worse state of conservation. Most of the fossils correspond to dinosaur bones but we can also find eggs of these animals or even their teeth. Some footprints are also considered fossils, although they are found to a lesser extent.

PS: We would like to remind you that we have NO RELATION with any of these stores and we do not earn any money recommending them. So we just show them because we honestly think that they are the best by now.

The list with the best dinosaur e-commerces of the internet:


Best online stores for buying fossils



Fossilrealm is one of my favorite websites, they sell a lot of fossils. One of their biggest strengths is the experience and expertise that they have. They have really good professionals in this field and it is always something that you like when you look for information, transparency and professionals who also love this branch of knowledge. It is incredible the size of some of the fossils here: small, big or huge fossils!

For sure one of our strongest recommendations to buy fossils and similar products. Check it here


2 people with a big fossil



One of the biggest stores focused on fossil World. Here you can find crystals, meteorites, vertebrates/invertebrates, educational kits… Everything you can imagine is here, for that reason Fossilshack is one of our firsts options.

The catalog is very extensive so you have a lot of options to choose and, the quality of the majority of their products is quite high.

Take a look



This store from Scotland sells fossils on the internet like any other E-commerce. You can buy here basically fossils, minerals, meteorites and jewelry.

One of the strengths of this shop is the collections and good choices of their products. It is a very good-looking website easy to use and with really nice client attention. If you want information and having a good idea of the products do not hesitate to check they online shop or contact them.

Check it



Another nice option if you want to buy bones of dinosaurs or any similar product. They are continuously working to bring new products to you. They have different categories with a lot of products and they can send it to you everywhere. Actually they operate a lot of time being the mediator because the product can be in China, the USA or Spain and they send it to you where you want. Check it here



What can you say about eBay? One of the biggest E-commerces of all the internet. They put in contact sellers and buyers and you can find an enormous quantity of products and services to buy. Some of the stores that we have mentioned have also the possibility of buying their items on eBay but we recommend you buy directly to them.

Anyway it is a good place if you want to take a look at the articles that they can have. Take a look



Another high quality and affordable fossils shop. Like in some of the others, you can find also minerals, rocks…

Here, you can also find children´s boos for example. Their products make excellent gifts for anyone interested in Big History, deep time and STEM inspiration. Check it


Other marketplaces with similar products

If you are interested in looking for some new products you can check them on Amazon. There you will be able to buy dinosaur fossils, buy a dinosaur bone or games related to it.

We let you some examples just here:

With the list that we showed you you can compare the different products related to this Jurassic Period. Take a look at the best products and choose the best for you.

Maybe you are not interested in buying a real fossil because your passion is not this kind of collector but you are going to find really good products that for sure you will like a lot.


Should I take any fossils if I find it in nature?

Well, absolutely not. We do not recommend to even touch it. The best thing that we can do is leave the fossils in the place that they are. They actually are part of nature and landscape.

Also, we encourage you to take some photos without flash and inform the authorities about the place because maybe it is not mapped and you can help to the paleontologists.




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